Stardust Arabians


High Quality Family Horses

Habib Rafiq

Arabian - Straight Egyptian and Al Khamsa

1998 Liver Chestnut

By El Norus (Norus - Gharib X Keraima - Dalul)

Out of: MB Deserelle (Tammen - Abenhetep X SF Desert Flower - Ansata Shah Zam)

Genetically tested:  Homozygous A/A for the Agouti gene - cannot produce black.  SCID and CA Clear.


Rafi is an exquisite horse with plenty of substance and style. He has a look at me presence.  His intelligence comes through in his offspring.  He has corrected conformation flaws such as neck set, length of back, strength of loin and offset cannons.  He also typically shortens the head.  For most mares coming to us, I would recommend this stallion.  His pedigree is linebred enough to ensure prepotency.  The less a mare is related to him, the more effect he will have on the foal.  Therefore, non-Arabian mares may show very dramatic results, while SE/AK mares with heavy inbreeding to his lines will show a less dramatic change, but the offspring will in their turn show more prepotency for the next generation.


Rafi trail rides in mixed company and is ridden by a child.  Disposition should always be the deal breaker for any program.  Without a good attitude a horse can't be used.  Never compromise on this point!  You don't have to. Habib Rafiq is handlled with a hand on his halter around other stallions and will breed in hand by voice.  He will come when called, from the middle of a herd of mares.


Stud fee to approved mares is only $500.  Very limited book!  Some years he is out to pasture with mares and thus not available for hand covering. Inquire for details.  At this time we are live cover only.  He's very good at it, too.  Mares fall in "love" with him to the extent of showing heat to a blanket he's worn.

Sean Daaim CH

Arabian - Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa and Sheikh Obeyd


1996 Black Bay

By:  Fa Daalim (Daaldan X Bint Fa Dena - *Ansata Ibn Halima)

Out of:  Ms Tuht (*Tuhotmos X Dahmah Din - *Fakher El Din)


Sean has pastured with another stallion, mares with foals at side and young stock.  He produces a consistently trainable and conformationally correct foal.  He hasn't had as much chance at producing in this economy, but he is getting his chance, finally.  Although registered as a bay,  Sean has produced many black foals!


Due to injury in his youth, Sean has not been competed, but he has been put under saddle, which we feel is important.


Sean is only available to mares tested CA clear.  $250 stud fee to approved mares.